MYTHOS and the art of storytelling

“Greeks did not grovel before their gods. They were aware of their vain need to be supplicated and venerated, but they believed men were their equal.” Mythos by Stephen Fry I passed the blue covers of Stephen Fry‘s Mythos each time I went to a bookstore. Maybe because of its famous author or maybe becauseContinue reading “MYTHOS and the art of storytelling”

Poetry in the sun

After an endless grey winter, the sun is more than welcome, and I believe we all took the chance to warm our faces and souls for a couple of hours here in Paris. Now, what would be a warm afternoon without a book to lose your thoughts in? Nothing! For this week I’ve chosen WaltContinue reading “Poetry in the sun”

Save the Independent Bookshops

Last night, the President of France announced a new lockdown. We all kind of expected it. As I believe it is a necessary measure during these tough times, I didn’t panic or get upset. I continued whatever one does on a usual night. This morning my social media feed threw at me some bad news:Continue reading “Save the Independent Bookshops”

Very Short Introductions- Tiny doors to knowledge

I love to have a book with me at any time. While commuting, between classes or when I find a nice spot in a park- those are all great occasions to read some pages. If you are a person who simply doesn’t leave the house without a book, then this collection might catch your attention.Continue reading “Very Short Introductions- Tiny doors to knowledge”

Natură, carte și film

După o perioadă lungă de carantină și anxietate am decis să ies puțin în natură. Cu această ocazie, am făcut drumeții și m-am plimbat prin pădure, urmărind păsări sau admirănd florile delicate. În privința lecturilor, am ales cărți care să mă poarte în locuri noi, să îmi dezvăluie câte puțin din impresionantul spectacol al naturii.Continue reading “Natură, carte și film”

High School or being a teen

Experience is everything. As Forrest Gump used to say, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. It’s a good principle even when it comes to books. Trying different reads is the only way to find out what you like (autobiographies for example) and what you want to avoidContinue reading “High School or being a teen”

20 de ani în Siberia – despre povestea Amintirilor din viață

“Aciastă dragoste și iubire de familie ni-a dat putere în toate greutățile și am putut rezista și ni-am sălvat viața.” Anița Nandriș-Ciudla Anul acesta, ca niciodată, mi-a fost greu să aleg cărțile de citit înainte de Crăciun. Voiam ceva potrivit pentru iarnă, poate ceva profund și captivant care să mă țină ancorată între pagini pânăContinue reading “20 de ani în Siberia – despre povestea Amintirilor din viață”

Looking For Alaska & The Labyrinth

How do you get out of this labyrinth of suffering? Alaska Young Sometimes we forget the smallest details of a book or we find hard to remember who was who and what happened at a specific moment of the plot. It’s absolutely normal. Especially if we didn’t like that novel in specific. It’s hard toContinue reading “Looking For Alaska & The Labyrinth”