Save the Independent Bookshops

Last night, the President of France announced a new lockdown. We all kind of expected it. As I believe it is a necessary measure during these tough times, I didn’t panic or get upset. I continued whatever one does on a usual night.

This morning my social media feed threw at me some bad news: Shakespeare&Co, my favorite bookshop and place in the entire world, is struggling. The sales have been heavily affected by the pandemic and it is a phenomenon which many bookshops have to face. Therefore, they were calling for us, their readers and book lovers, to come and choose something from their online store or from their location.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me in person, there are many things in this life that I like, but very few that I love: books and animals. I go to a bookshop every time I feel sad and dejected. Needless to say that I’m the happiest person in the world when I enter a bookshop.

For me, reading this sad letter from a community so dear to my heart… it felt like daggers in my heart. Not to mention what a bad morning it has created.

As I said before, Shakespeare&Co are not the only ones affected. Everywhere in this beautiful world bookshops are surviving, not thriving as they should, and some have to close their doors until better times. The New York Times published in a recent article that every week, one American Independent Bookshop had to be closed. IT IS AWFUL! Strand Book Store, a place with great history and loved by those who have visited it, made an appeal to all its customers and the results were amazing: people waited in line at the entrance, the site crashed due to many orders. A small help from every bookworm may save the bookshops.

However, Shakespeare&Co and the Strand are known worldwide. People from different countries have visited them along the years. Their social media accounts prove to be effective and help them a lot. But what about the small bookshops, less known, but still very special? What about those places were you know the exact order of the shelves, the corner were you find the new books? What about the beautiful conversations about books and recommendations with the owner? What about the book launches? Should all of these disappear?

In this period, bookshops need our help! Please go to your dearest bookshop’s online store or location (protect yourself!) and show your support.

Today is my last day of absolute freedom for a month. I know how I am going to spend it: I will support a bookshop. What about you?

As my heart is divided between the bookshops from France and the ones from Romania, here are some of my favorites:



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