Very Short Introductions- Tiny doors to knowledge

I love to have a book with me at any time. While commuting, between classes or when I find a nice spot in a park- those are all great occasions to read some pages. If you are a person who simply doesn’t leave the house without a book, then this collection might catch your attention.

The Very Short Introductions have a special place in my heart and in my library, as they always come in handy and each and every one of them is a delightful read. With a pocket format, you can sneak them in your bag, purse, jacket or jeans!

The principle behind this collection is very simple: each tiny book is based on a subject, like Astrophysics or Classics or Climate Change or Genetics or… Well, it’s quite hard to mention all of them, as there are more than 607 topics available. Basically, you can find a book on EVERY subject you could think of. A bit overwhelming, isn’t it? 🙂

As their titles say, they are only introductions to very broad topics, but still they are very detailed and throughout the text, the writers are trying to lead you to further researching or reading. Some come with recommandations at the end, which is a plus.

They are all written by experts in those fields, most of them from top universities around the world. These are serious texts, so not quite an “easy read”, but this depends on the topic or author. They are short, under 200 pages, no way you could get bored.

The best part about The Very Short Introductions is that you have the chance to taste from many interesting subjects and discover what you like and then find more about it. They are well-written and not tiring, if you want to read them after a busy day at work.

Until now, I have read 3 of them, on very different topics: Minerals, Comparative Literature and the Tudors. I enjoyed them all! The last two were excellent and very useful for my British history and literature classes. Some of the authors from my textbooks have written VSI as well, like in the case of The Tudors book. It definitely was an advantage to read it before my exam.

And don’t remind me about the covers: they are simply gorgeous, in so many colours!

I truly hope that you will find one that will suit your style and interests!

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