ME & Rocketman – How I discovered Elton John

The events, the shows, the records, the success where all great, but when I was away from that, I wasn’t an adult, I was a teenager. I had been completely wrong when I thought that changing my name meant that I’d change as a person. I wasn’t Elton, I was Reg.

-Elton John, ME

It’s weird that two months ago I didn’t know who Elton John was and now I’m carrying his autobiography with me in Sibiu or everywhere I go. His music has become an addiction in the past weeks, and now his book… hard to handle!

I first met Elton through Rocketman, his biopic. So different from Bohemian Rhapsody , but as impressive as the tribute for Queen. Somehow, even if the film talks about the ups and downs in Elton’s life, I was happier after Rocketman than after Bo Rhap. Seeing Freddie struggling in the battle with AIDS and singing for Live Aid really broke my heart.

Returning to Honky Château, I ordered ME, a big, shiny and gorgeous book that describes Elton’s personality from the cover to the text. Outside, some letters are like rainbows or stars, on the inside they tell a true story. Even though the singer didn’t have talent for writing his lyrics ( thanks God Bernie Taupin exists!), he does have a literary talent. It’s hard not to get in that atmosphere of his first years in Pinner, then as a musician and when he started to build his career. He is very frank, doesn’t hide anything and obviously funny (the shopping addiction part is delicious). What I simply adored was that he describes people like Freddie, Tony King, John Lennon and Yoko, The Rolling Stones and more. It’s fabulous to get an insight look at their lives and learn more about them.

Of course, his life has never been milk and honey. He came from a family where relationships weren’t that great and his love life was no easy stuff. It’s incredible how things changed along the years, how he finally found the love of his life and has a happy family.

Both the movie and the book are amazing, even though ME is closer to reality. Also, Elton talks about how the songs where born and how he met Bernie, a best friend for life by definition. One thing is certain: after watching the film or reading the autobiography you will feel the need to listen to his albums over and over again. I know, It’s a sad, sad situation or maybe not!

Here are some of his songs that speak to my heart:

  • Your Song
  • Tiny Dancer
  • Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
  • I Want Love
  • Bennie and the Jets
  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  • Honky Cat
  • I’m Still Standing
  • Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  • Someone Saved My Life Tonight

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