And between the pages there was joy…

When you choose a new book you never know what you are going to get. You could learn the text by heart,but every time you read it the meaning changes. Books are alive and never the same.

Almost three years ago my adventure started with a photo of “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, a novel that conquered my heart from its first pages. Now, I can’t stop from sharing what I’m reading, the bookshops and cities I visit and talking to fellow bookstagramers. Novels, plays, poetry full of passion… they are all sources of inspiration I can only express through art and words. Writing makes me the happiest person in the world, but things are a little complicated here…

I’ve always tried to stay true to the traditional writing and reading: avoiding the typing, I preferred to write on beautiful notebooks with a pen or, when I came across Olympia, used a typewriter. It’s perfect if you want to keep your thoughts in mystery and never show anyone your ideas, especially if you have a horrible handwriting as I do. It was fine for me until some months ago.

I realized that reading isn’t only about the pleasure the experience of following a text offers, but also the joy that leaves behind after the last page. The aftertaste and what we do with it. Besides the information, the knowledge and valuable lessons we learn, the feelings with which we associate that read are worth sharing. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Literature is everywhere: in art, in music, on the streets, in books. The readers perceive it differently and through it their perspective changes. They are co-authors, if we want. They give life to words with their feelings and life experiences. They bring colors and nuances to black and white.

As a bookworm, I adore discussing about everything related to books; from a new novel that just arrived or illustrations on book covers (oh, I could talk about those for weeks) to movie adaptations and music I listen to while reading. I hope that you will find the articles interesting and if not, please let me know and talk about it! This blog is meant to be a happy place for readers and not only, but life isn’t happy all the time, is it? At least through reading and a good book debate we can make the best of it.

So, what is there left to do? Let’s read and live!

Until next time,

The girl with blue books

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